Merry Christmas of '09 all!

Discussion in 'Buell' started by Baggh, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Baggh

    Baggh Active Member

    Been awhile since I stopped in to say hey... Hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays and staying safe out there.

    ... ... and that you have found at least 1 item under the tree that happens to come in that little (or big) black box :)

    It was 70 something degrees with wall to wall sun here in Dallas TX on the 23rd... just 2 days ago. I enjoyed a great Dec treat of a ride on the 1125. The following day... yesterday... it was 30 degrees with a semi~blizzard of snowfall!

    TX weather.. gotta love it... I'll prob be riding again tomorrow :)
  2. jaceddie

    jaceddie Junior Member

    Merry Christmas. Won't be able to ride today, but yesterday was tolerable.