Merciful heavens, I've become a fudd!

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by The Tourist, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Recently we had a thread on better auxiliary lights for dressers. I agree with the idea, as I have one of those new-fangled high-output lights on my Sportster. Then I thought, "When was the last time I took either bike out for a midnight jaunt?"

    The idea bothered me at first. I know I have been looking at more laid-back Harleys with cushier seats, now that my wife is retired we eat a bit earlier to avoid the crowds, we use a lot more coupons, a think Leno has gotten a too 'blue' with his jokes, I even started carrying a smaller knife.

    Then it hit me! I've become my Dad!

    I make no pretense about being in a "boys' choir" back in the day. I was very good with sheet music. Now those altos look like sopranos and I've pretty much lost my taste for opera. Guys don't sweat enough at the gym. They mingle, even use their cell phones. Our suburban community is littered with white children of privilege with low-slung baggy pants driving their mom's car and listening to harsh rap music about oppression.

    More than once this week I've sat in a coffee bar with a five dollar latte' and lamented to my wife that I do not understant today's youth. I realized I was talking about people in their early thirties.

    Yikes, I used to be tough...
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    You crack me up, Tourist. I was thinking along the same lines a couple of days ago. Back in the day, my only rule for a fight was this: YOU get the first punch, I get the rest. These days, I am questioning the wisdom of that rule. :s
  3. The Tourist

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    1 cognitive therapist says the same thing...

    I'm questioning a lot of "conventional wisdom" at this stage of life. One thing that has helped that cause is the notion we must be muiy macho 24/7. Yikes, I'm tired of carrying all that armor. I got my nose broken twice and all that really happened was that my doctor bought a nicer car. Boy, I really fixed those drunken townies, didn't I?

    I still have my choir robes. It's a resume' of my foolish youth singing an aria. Every seam has been repaired. I used to be proud of that. Totalled a car and broke my neck in five places, I used to smirk about being indestructible.

    Now, on the bright side, you don't have to stand in line for an early bird special. I eat a lot of chicken salads and they offer smaller portions. I get coupons and 10% off. The barista knows my order, confirmed by asking, "The usual?"

    Only Brown-Guy at Joey's Anchor Inn used to ask that back in the 1970s. Then fire was invented and I got to see just how smarmy that saloon really was! Oy.
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    Elmer, or Duddy...?? ;)
  5. The Tourist

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    I don't hunt anymore, but I have found my glasses and car keys in the refrigerator so I'd have to vote 'Fuddy Duddy.'

    I am a believer in "old guy strength," but the downside is that when you get that pickle jar open, you've forgotten why...

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Pretty sad, but I can relate to this thread...:newsmile058: kinda wish I didn't but you know, the lusty brawling era of youth was exiting the minute I got the Harley.

    No longer enamored with riding high tech expensive iron, when I can ride expensive low tech, but enjoy both the bike AND the ride so much more. How cool is that?

    BTW...I think I am also a Duddy...although I do like being vewey vewey qwiet...hunting for wabbits...:s
  7. The Tourist

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    Well, NEWHD, my MIL used to say that every decade has its own unique advantages and joys. I've found her advice to be correct.

    Now, it's been work, I must admit. I only wear reading glassed as the men in my family have incredibly sharp eyes. I was a varmint hunter. Other things were not as easy.

    You have to stop smoking, not just to be politcally correct, but most of the deceased guys in my choir died way too early. I only have a drink or two per year--a margarita at Cinco de Mayo, and perhaps a shot or two of Patron. You get out of bed rain or shine and get to the gym.

    You also have to stay connected--which is my biggest problem. Frankly, I don't care for the direction of society, even the world. But I still read the newspaper every morning, hit the coffee bar for books and periodicals and discuss current events with other fudds at the gym.

    And time marches on. I'm vacillating on if a rocket-ship like Betty has a legitimate place in my life, or if she's the last gasp of the chest-thumping lead vocalist of a formerly popular choir. Will I be happier cruising on a Deluxe and building new memories?

    BTW, guys, inject a little humor into your life. You don't need this insipid gunfighter attitude 24/7, if at all. Take some friendly advice. When us "seasoned singers" get together all of the old rivalries fade away like morning fog. Like I often say, the bikes get faster and the girls get prettier, but the brawls seem to slip from memory.