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    We're trying a new twist to help out our members here that can provide a service to other members in need of their type of services.

    For now it's on a trial basis to see how it works out and if it remains here.
    Post your business here if you wish to have other members contact you for your services if they are local.

    There's a few simple guidelines to follow.

    *Include the area that you are located in to make it simple.
    *Guests cannot access this forum, you must be a member with 20+ posts or an error message will be returned.
    *You must have 20+ posts to be able to view forum, view thread contents, create new threads, reply to threads, view attachments, view links and images and post links and images.

    Any person joining and making 20 posts with little content for the purpose of spamming the forum in this area will have the posts removed. This is to eliminate spammers from filling this area with spam.

    Start your own thread with the services you wish to offer to the members.

    HDT does not endorse any members services posted in this forum, it is the responsibility of the poster entirely.

    If you use a member service, post back here and let us know if you were treated right.

    HDT Rules apply in this forum as well.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.