Melting Dunlop Tyres?

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    I have just done a little 10,199 km trip from Manjimup in the south west of Western Australia to Brisbane in Queensland Australia and return. took only 11days and that was travelling during the day only, did not want to hit any kangaroos or aboriginals on the way, would have spoilt the trip and bent my bike.

    Anyway it got a little hot 49 degrees Celcius in the shade for a couple of days, tar was meling on the roads and more importantly my Dunlop White Wall tyres on my new 2010 Heritage Softail have melted to the point the rubber has oozed into the tread. I have only done 12,500 km on the tyres and the back one is almost bald.

    Has anyone heard of melting tyres and what distance should i get on my rear tyre? that is of course when not going flat out like a lizzard drinking. As the bike is still new I did,nt want to kill it in the first month so I took it easy. Got an average of 5 litres of fuel per every 100 km, not bad.
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    I rode through Death Valley in August and didn't have that problem, but I didn't put in that many miles with the continuous heat that you did.
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    So you have about 8000 miles on the tires and you took a trip of 6300 miles or so with a couple of days around 120 degrees. Should not be enough to melt the tires buy I am kind of inclined to agree with the other two guys, You might have some road goo built up in the treads.