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    On July 5th I left Charlotte, NC on a mini vacation and off to see friends and family. A couple of friends I had met here were a part of the plan. We had made plans back in April, but weather in the spring didn't cooperate.

    A friend rode out of Charlotte with me and we took the first exit in Virginia and rode over to Hwy 52 up to Fancy Gap, Va. Within 15 minutes of arriving, JPHOG came cruising up on his newly acquired 09 Heritage. We spent the rest of the day riding around western Va.

    I spent the night in Bedford, Va and the next morning JP and I got together and rode northward on the BRP to Waynesboro, Va. It took us maybe 1.75 hours to get there, but the return trip, with pic stops and overlooks took the rest of the afternoon.

    The next morning, I left Bedford and made my way over to Skinquarter Va. There was the famous pru7536, better know as We spent the afternoon, as it was HOT there, talking Harleys and road trips. Of course pru had some frosties chilled and they were really good with the heat.

    I got to admit, you couldn't meet two better guys to ride and discuss the ins and outs of riding. I do plan on making the ride north and hope to get a ride with both guys.

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    tx for posting........
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    Thats what Im talking about, its great meeting our members:s
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    It was a real pleasure meeting "Deuce" while he was on his vacation. Here's a couple more pictures.



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    Great pics :s
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    Had a great time riding with you,Hope to do it agian!:D
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    Two deuces, I like it. :D