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    Medallion Stereo

    Basically is a modified JBL Blackbox that has been reconfigured to plug directly into stock Harley harness. All I listen to these days is radio, iPod, and maybe a flash drive. I have Hawg Wired amps and speakers so it is the last one I should ever buy since its face is waterproof and the main unit is hidden. Comes with a mounting plate made to fit stock Harley bracket for the hidden unit. I will try to upload the user and install manuals for both to my profile.

    Has water-PROOF face plate like Harleys.
    Plugs directly into Harley stock harness.
    Thumb controls work just as stock radio including ipod, sirius, and usb
    Seperate Rear USB
    Seperate Rear iPod connection.
    Front, Rear, and subwoofer preamp out at 3V
    Single preamp input (RCA just like preamp output)
    Sirius Radio input
    8db sensitivity on FM tuner (equal to Pioneer supertuner)
    50 watts x 4 max ( most likely 22 watts rms)

    No CD player.
    4 or 8 ohm speaker compatable (can't run higher powered 2 ohm speakers)
    $800 ($720 w J&P Gold membership)

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