Measurements for Training/Obstacle Course


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Can anyone point me to a set of measurements for an training/obstacle course? E.g., distance between cones and offsets for weaves, width/length of figure 8 boxes, swerve cone layout, etc.

Newbie rider with a new bike and an urge to learn!
Thanks! I actually did take the MSF BRC. I'm trying to duplicate some of the exercises in a parking lot. I can just guess and adjust, but I thought someone might actually have the measurements. Maybe some MSF instructor....
No offense taken! And, trust me, 35 years ago in my first attempts, I pulled a bunch of bonehead moves. For example, why I thought I could pull a wheelie with about an hour of experience on a bike escapes me now! And then there was the swerve to avoid a dog and run into a fence. The slip on wet pavement I don't feel so badly about. And, the kid who got his drivers license that day...put three girls in the car...and then ran a red light and hit me broadside put an end to my riding then. This is my first time back.

Hopefully my "maturity" (read that as old age) will prevail and I'll learn more gracefully this time around.
Took it in OH in JUNE. I think that they are 12 feet apart and ofset by about 2 ft. As you practice....realize that you aren't going to clear ALL the cones ALL the time. I think you can miss 3 cones and put your feet down twice during the whole test and still pass. I went in the 1st time expecting to get a 100% and totally messed up my head and missed 3 cones put my feet down.....ate my helmet....and started to weep like a baby.
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Funny how all one's biking skills can evaporate when being tested. Same thing happened to me at the BRC last Sunday. All weekend went well...up until the skills test at which point I started looking down, going too slow, etc., etc.

I haven't ate my helmet yet. But, I can imagine it! LOL
I've rode bike all my life but needed my endorsement when we moved to Arizona so off I went to take the course test I passed but only by one point. It was harder than I expected since I was 16 when I took it in Michigan (long ago) and all was asked back then was to do a figure8 in the parking lot without putting my feet down.