Maxi fuse keeps blowing

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by wesso, Sep 28, 2010.

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    I rode my heritage from Austin TX to Los Alamos NM. When I was up there I washed the bike and when I went to move it the bike was dead. I turned the ignition to off and then on again and it started and I rode it no problem. I didn't ride it for 3 days and when I went to start it next it was completely dead. I used an meter and traced the fault to the maxi fuse which I replaced. I drove no problem. Then I hit some really bad weather on the way home so I pulled over and hunkered down in an old Post Office. When I tried to start the bike it was dead and every time I tried to replace the maxifuse it sparks and then the fuse blows. Battery is testing ok at least voltage wise 12.3 volts. When I put the meter on OMS and connect the leads one to each blade in the maxifuse holder the needle pegs sharply. I have no power anywhere just like the bike has no battery. Bad VR? Bad Stator? HELP!!!
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    12.3 low on charge, when you get it running see what the voltage is at the battery, if less than 13 volts you can bet on a bad regulator for sure, am wondering why the fuse keeps blowing, have you checked for shorts?
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    Take a close look at the two connectors at the regulator. Take them apart and inspect them. To blow the Maxi, it takes some real current draw. My first guess would be Regulator related since you need thick wires to blow a fuse of that size.

    Pull the two connectors at the regulator and try to install a new Maxi fuse. See if it holds and you can start and run the bike on the battery alone.