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Mapping the Nightster

Ok this is daddy's Christmas year! My father in law of 10 years got me Vance & Hines Short shots (wow) I put them on and yea! Now today I went to the Harley Shop and they remap the Nightster in about 10 min for $185.00
what a great living the dealer makes. I'm lovin' this Harley it's like having another wife. She takes everything you make but boy don't she look good out in public...Thanks everyone
They sound like my ex mother in law at the table! lol But these I enjoy. Just kidding they are pretty Loud my neighbor (we live way out in the country in Oklahoma) "Did ur gall dern muppler pall off dat dare scooter" I replied "nope, new mufflers" neighbor "well heck eyes heard ya a mile away" I just replied thank ya partner and I rode off into the sunset...
Hobbit, they are so freaking loud, Ah yea.
Thanks for asking,
put 2" rush slip on's on my 07 nightie sound's just right, next i need to get rid of that god awfull seat, great bike...