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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by cityofchampions, May 19, 2012.

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    Went in to dealer last week to price out a few parts on my 07 Ultra and rode home on a new 2012 Ultra. (big blue/vivid black) Took it for first ride yesterday and did the 30-60-30x10 break-in. Rode another hundred easy miles today. What a great bike! I have a few questions on the new bike. I ran mobil 1 (eng) spectro 6-speed (trans) and hd (prim) in the 07. Shifting was very smooooth. I hated the smell of the spectro, though. My questions: How soon should I change eng oil after break-in? Any trans fluid comparable to spectro without the smell? When to change trans fluid ? (new bike is kinda clunky shifting) Also, clutch and rear brake are much "harder".Will they loosen up with miles? I know what the owner's manual says but I trust you guys more as far as break-in and maintenance.
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    I like to get the break in oil out @ 500 miles, again @ 1000 miles and follow manual there after. Gear oil will always have that sulfur smell IMO that said it is a better choice for your gears, The brakes being ABS will feel different, as far as the clutch why not try Harley Davidson Community
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    I also have a 2012 Ultra Limited. I spoke with the service manager and I am changing to Mobil V Twin, and Redline in the primary and tranny at the 1000 mile service. They have the Redline and I am supplying the V Twin. Service manager said changing before the 1000 mile service was not necessary. I am looking forward to returning to Redline as I had on my 2006 Ultra. No clunking and gear noises, and no odor.
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    Why not just use all Redline? Redline is a much better oil than M1.
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    For the motor fluid swap...MotoTune recommends to change right after running the 30/60/30 break-in process...enjoy that new scoot!!!
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    Not sure of the "smell" you are getting from the Spectro tranny oil.

    I've been running the Spectro since '07 (when I got the 1st change) and the only time I mess with the tranny oil is when I change it. Same amount comes out as when I fill it so I don't sniff the tranny dip stick.

    You aren't going to get a pleasant smell out of any oil, be it tranny, primary or engine.
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    Smells like friction additive for a car differential. Smelled it every time I shut the bike off or even stopped at a light. Day and night difference on the shift feel and noise on he 07 Ultra. I just don't want to smell it on the new bike. (reminds me of work!)
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    I did the 30/60/30 break in and changed all 3 fluids at around 100 miles and then again at 1,000 miles.

    Mobil 1 V-Twin, Spectro and HD in the primary. No smell issues here but would probably switch to Redline if I were to change the trans fluid brand.
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    Have a whiff by the tranny vent hose, that is the sulfur in the gear oil you smell, it may be annoying but it is doing its job:s
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    While sitting at a traffic light? Boy, you have one good keen sense of smell.