man this is crazy

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by trickydoc, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. trickydoc

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    first, went dead then restarted in traffic twice
    second, radio started loosing power intermittently
    third, going on ride with wife, bout 3mi from house 10 volts, going back home.
    fourth, had stater and reg. replacet at bike shop. 2 mi from home, reg fried, much smoke, no fire!!!!!
    fifth, shop came and got me, replaced reg, 14 volts max.
    sixth, replaced battery, old one had dead cell. Old battery purchased in May, 09.
    seventh, going home with new battery, new reg, oops no sound on radio, looks like its playing, controls all work except no sound. Yes speaker switch in on.
    sorry I don't have an eighth yet, but I see it over the hill. Its still not charging enough volts, just under 14 at 2500. Could I have a short in the sound system,ie speakers to cause all this? Son-in-law is comming soon, but any help will be greatly appreciated. trickydoc.
  2. Jean-Pierre

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    Some ghosts under your seat????:p
  3. glider

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    From your description and melt downs, I would say you have a short in the bike somewhere that is intermittent like a chaffed wire to the frame. Going to be difficult to find quickly unless you stumble on it.
  4. trickydoc

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    could be under seat, found some wires not where they shoulld be. tie was off and wires were on frame under seat havn't checked yet. yesterday, the radio just started playing like nothing ever happened. I guess that was eight. looking for number nine today. soninlaw is comming later this week to help chase wire. I am going to check the 23 pin plug, took it off and the gasket was pulled out, may have to replace this. will post results later.
    thanks everyone
  5. trickydoc

    trickydoc Active Member

    well been out riding and no more breakdowns. radio still shuts off and comes back on. Soninlaw is comming saturday and we will find it.
    got my room for Thunder beach anyone going?