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    Hello, My name is Mike and have been riding since 1974, every friend was able to have a mini-bike and a dirt bike rupp's bonanza's 125 's etc. I was NOT able to have any of these as my Mom, may she rest in peace, was a nurse in an emergency room at the hospital, there was no way I was having one of these" accidents waiting to happen". I grew up in a town where almost everyone I grew up with owned a motorcycle and at the ripe age of 18 I bought my 1st 1974 XLCH Sportster and then I bought my second sportster a 1976 XLCH Sportster and have it still today, I love the stock look and enjoy flying low around the Island I live on. I have had the bike maintained the bike on my own, with some friends help at times, I am an original freak, I have the original $100.00 deposit receipt, the original invoice also the 1976 cost me $3276.63, in those days when you bought a bike from Harley and AMF was involved you received a credit card like card stating that the above named person owns the VIN #ed bike listed and was signed by one of the Davidsons, Which still think is very cool.

    I love the bike and the day came when the MRS'S wanted to feel more comfortable on the bike I ride and searched for what she knew I wanted and found one, a 2008 FXDC Super Glide, which the look reminds me of the 1971-72 looking "SUPPIES", SHE is special( my wife), I live in New York and the bike after she discussed the price down from $14,440.00 to 10,000.00, it had one owner and the bike had 493 original miles and I fell in love with the bike from the pictures.

    I needed to attach my motorcycle trailer, a 14 foot enclosed very sweet trailer to my GMC pick-up truck and a friend and I drove to Kansas City Kansas and back in 52 hours and the newest addition to our family was at it's new home. I was exhausted and slept for a day after the trip, which was memorable to say the least.

    I am a very hard riding lover of the thrill of "it all". I love the excitement of the twisting, turning roads ahead and love to ride,It's almost like I have an urge to fill a void from my younger days of NOT being able to ride.......

    The difference between riding the 35 year old Sportster and the 08 FXDC is remarkable, while I enjoy the thrill of the lighter Sportster, flying around, I really enjoy the weight or girth the FX offers while I am riding along those same twisting, tirning roads I have been down for many, many years, only the FX actually feels like someone used an air pump and inflated the Sporty and when done you have a FXDC which is really a blown up version of the Sportster, literally.......I have kept a log on ALL my bikes and enter every thing done to the bike since I owned it, I maintain the family vehicles also and at times I am very happy I have anything done to the vehicles, written don and dated, which I would recommend to any one who maintains their own vehicles

    I enjoy the open road and look forward to the next twisting, leaning, turn accelerating to the point that you know that while in control, you have reached another palm wetting thrill, I hope every one a healthy and happy riding year, Be Well, Mike......
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    :wce My first HD, 1976 Sportster. My latest HD, 2010 FatBoy. They are all great!!!
    Ride Safe!!:USA
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    Welcome to The Forum:woe
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. :)
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    For a minute or two, I thought I was reading my story!! lol The difference is that I sold my Sportster in order to be a good Dad. After many years of no bike and very close to insanity, I picked up a 2008 sportster. I am on the bike as much as possible, all day long if possible. I began to throw the 883 around with a little too much authority, and decided to upgrade. Enter 2011 FXDC, just cause she looks so much like a Sportster. The handling is so great. I'm a new guy as well. All the best to ya!!!!
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. :ws
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