Maintenance Schedules For Servicing

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    I was just comparing the 10K vs 5K service on a softail.
    The 10K $196 more than the 5K service. The only differences I can see are getting a new spark plug and an electronic diagnostics check on the 10K. Am I missing something else? And is it really worth the extra $196?
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    Do it yourself and save big bucks. The schedules are here for that reason.:s
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    Just my two cents, the above service intervals are from the stone age. In 2004 Harley changed service intervals mileage as well as what's required and retro it to earlier models as well. I would not discredit anyone for doing more then what is called for, especially engine oil or air filter, but when Harley's engineering department thru years of research decided that they were they were over servicing some things like fork oil on bikes, they made adjustments to save the consumer money because they found some things were being done more often then necessary, you don't see that often from the hundred dollar store. Bikes like cars are going a lot more miles these days and lasting a lot longer with better fluids and better engine designs. Doing a fork oil change on a mid 2000's fairing model with cartage style forks is a time consuming job, most dealers found short cuts that did not do the job properly, who looses, the consumer that has to pay $450.00 - $550.00 for a service that left the bike in worst shape then it was before the service, plus a non-fairing model would be charged the same price for 1/3 the work. Over servicing means pulling drain plugs way more then necessary, threads on transmissions & primary's drain plugs being prematurely worn, having a new tech cross threading a softail trans plug because he's on flat rate and inexperienced, it's always a chance factor. It would be great to have fresh engine oil daily but you have to draw a line where you're comfortable, I'm comfortable with twice a year with the new synthetics. Get a service manual and follow the recommendations and you can't go wrong, don't over look the notes, like perform annually, also the new dot 4 brake fluid should be changed every two years. Some dealers are still over servicing and under delivering, robbing you of your hard earned cash. There is no reason to pay much over $300.00 for any service, if that, other then maybe a Springer's or a 50.000 M/S. Just my personal feelings with a little experience mixed in.
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    Thanks for that excellent commentary, Chopper. Your advice and opinions carry a lot of weight here, with me at least!!!
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    Thanks alot guys, I am new here and to Harleys.

    But I have had bikes all my life, and am not afraid to tackle

    many things mechanically.:worthy
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    thanks chopper for clearing up a lot of this bull to be done by dealers for no reason for me.....kinda figured they were over servicing things....helps me alot to know these things......gonna get the manual & save the coin..........

    cheers dude
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    I have been riding for 47 years now and am on my 3rd Harley, yet still have the first two I bought, starting over 30 years ago. The advice on buying a manual for your bike cannot be overstressed as to the importance of having one for your bike.

    I will add my two cents here as well. Spend the extra dollars and buy a model specific parts manual for your bike. The parts manual will give you the proper placements of all parts in case you were to take something apart and forget exactly where it goes as well as it contains all the OEM Harley part numbers in case you need to order a part for some necessary repairs.

    I have factory repair manuals and parts manuals for every motorcycle I own.

    Keep the rubber on the road....
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    Well said, and welcome to the forum.