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  1. ridgeratt2

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    Hi I have an 1989 FXFSTC and need to replace the main shaft took side cover off an took bolts out but the unit wont come out. oil drain bolt is stripped and wont come out but thats not holdind it in is it?
  2. HDDon

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    Are you saying that you removed the outer primary and you need to remove the inner primary? Have you removed the jackshaft, clutch and compensator, and all the bolts from the inner primary? Have you also removed the two bolts holding the starter?
  3. tourbox

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    You also have to remove the inner race off the tranny shaft where the drive pulley is. You can see it once the inner primary is off. It should have .100-.200 clearance to the edge off the main drive gear to get the puller on it. They have a habit of sliding back so there is no room for the puller. Gets tougher then. While it, the gears, are still in place take the top off and remove the shifter drum. Then slide a couple of gears around to lock the shafts together so you can pre-loosen the 2 nuts on the shafts. Makes it easier once you have the casset out of the case.
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    You need to be more specific as to what you have removed, you post makes it sound like you just removed the side door bolts and are trying to pull the gearset out...

    If that is the case, stop what you are doing.