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Discussion in 'North East' started by nitesta, Feb 19, 2010.

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    Does anyone have ideas for our trip from Maine to Central Ohio? We'll be leaving the end of May and taking a couple of weeks. Would like to stay away from major cities as much as possible.

  2. Mainah

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    Not sure where in Maine you're leaving from, but from the Augusta area. This is a pretty good route with lots of scenery, at least till you get to Buffalo.
    Route on Google map

    This will take you past Mt Washington, across Vermont and Adirondack Park in New York. An option in Burlington is the ferry to Port Kent rather than the road across Grand Isle. When in the mountains be prepared for snow, yes we ran into it last year in June in Lake Placid! In Alexandria bay take the Thousand Island cruise, a good trip. From there to Cleveland you can follow the lake or take the interstate, not too much difference. You will go by Niagara Falls and a trip across to Canada is worthwhile. I routed you to Columbus cause that is just about the middle of Ohio.

    Hope this helps, use the Google search feature to find interesting stops. If you're coming back in June you might plan a stop in Lake George for Americade

    Ride safe and have fun
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    Depends on how you are going and what you may want to see. I live in Michigan and rode out to Bar Harbor a few years ago.
    The Kanamungus (spelling) pass in NH is very nice. Scenery was great! Road was in good condition.
    The ride through the White Mountains in VT was cool. NOt very challenging but it is all about what you want to do. If you like Ben and Jerry's the tour of their plant in Waterbury, VT is worth the hour or so.
    Take the Ferry from Burlington VT across to NY and Ride around the Lake Placid area. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!
    If you like babseball the Hall Of Fame In Cooperstown was well worth it.
    If you are coming south first there is a road in Northern Mass I think called the Mohawk trail which I enjoyed.
    As far as things to do in Ohio, it is fairly flat. However, depending upon where you are, I have been told by friends there is some awesome riding in West Virginia. I believe it was route 129. If you think you are going to be close let me know and I will find out for sure. Hope this helps!!!
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    We did a ride a couple summers ago from the Augusta ME area to Oswego NY... pretty much the route that Mainah gave you with a couple of small exceptions. I believe we crossed into NY at Port Henry but there may be some bridge construction happening there now. Very nice ride. I'm still looking for a route to Springfield MO that will keep me off the interstates. Getting to the Buffalo area is pretty good but after that it gets kind of sketchy for me. Keep us posted on which routes you take and have a great ride.:)
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    Thanks guys. We live in Maine, on the NH border and about 20 minutes from the Kanc so I ride that pretty much weekly - that and the notches through the White Mountains.

    But....I appreciate all the feedback! We would love to take as many back roads as possible and ending up at Americade and then getting home in time for Laconia sounds great!

    Thanks again!

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    Sounds like a great route!