Made the plunge - site unseen! Hope for the best on the SuperTrapp Slipons!

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by markfsanderson, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. markfsanderson

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    I ran across a deal that i couldn't turn down! Supertrapp 628-78088 Internal Disc Series Slip-On Exhaust for $400.00 US + Tax w/free 2 day shipping because I'm a Prime member. Total price out the door was $429.14 including tax and 2 day shipping. It seems to be great deal, stocked and shipped by Amazon so returns won't be an issue if need be. My stage one is complete; but I do want to install an oil cooler on my next service interval. So, my stage one looks like this:
    1. Supertrapp 628-78088 Internal Disc Series Slip-On Exhaust
    2. Screaming Eagle w/K&N Filter Element + Dewey Customs Super Smooth Cover
    3. Doebeck's Gen III TFI Fuel Managment
    225 for A/C
    200 for the TFI
    430 for the SuperTrapp - More information here on the SuperTrapp tunable disk series

    Everything brand new, delivered, including tax is 855.00 for a high quality stage one . . . my original budget was 1200.00 . . . so I'm certainly ahead on this one! Thanks for everyones help! I'll post pictures of my installation . . . should be amusing to those experienced folks - for sure!

    Mark - Thanks!:newsmile026:
  2. Iceman24

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    Not too shabby deal indeed. Now it's time to get those "support parts" on-hand. Make sure there's HT silicone for the header/pipe joint seal (i.e. liquid copper), blue locktite for the a/c bolts, decent torque wrench (in/lb for the small stuff & ft/lb for the big stuff) and the coveted HD Service Manual ready/available.

    Enjoy the mods & you can start anytime b/c riding season never ends in TX.
  3. markfsanderson

    markfsanderson Active Member

    Thanks Iceman24! I've got all of the above except for the HT silicone/liquid copper. The SuperTrapp tapered extension tip and a dozen or two inserts might be next on the shopping list for my new muffler. My goal is to install all 3 upgrades the same day and ride - we'll see how that goes!

    Mark - Thanks!:newsmile026:
  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    :s Good deal Mark, this will wake that Dyna up:s
  5. fin_676

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    Just remember we will be looking forward to the photos and write up of the stage 1 being done :)

  6. markfsanderson

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    OMG - I'm being put on the spot - eek! Ok . . . .sure no problem . . . but you'll have to put up with rather unorthodox production values - for sure! Haha! You asked for it! (Rated G - of course!) Hmm . . . a title? "All you ever wanted to know about your stage I - but were afraid to ask?" :small3d031:
    The attractive part of the supertrapp is the ability to tune power/loudness - in a noise sensitive environment that's a big deal. Perhaps I should get a radio shack SPL to make some 'real-life' analysis . . .
    Mark - Thanks! (really!):newsmile026:
  7. douglmth

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    Good choice Mark. I got the shorter Supertrapp slip ons then ceramic coated them along with an S&S filter assembly and PCIII usb. Runs like a dream.