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Luggage rack for a bobtail fender

I've got one in basically new condition I bought thinking it would fit my Sporty with the dual Sundowner seat.

If anyone is looking for one how about $25 plus another $5 for shipping.

I don't have a pic but could make one if anyone's interested.
All I can say is this, if they are not loose and the compression washer is in place then you will just have to live with it, nothing broken, so dont fix it. You dont say which peg it is,, but if it is just wobble most of the pegs do this, I have inserted spring washers to take up some of the wobble, but they get tough to raise up and down if you make it to tight..,,,, this is what worked for me,, good luck

I would be interested in seeing a pic. I will probably buy it from you, although I might have to modify it somehow because I'm guessing it attaches to the standard HD sissy bar sideplates, and my sissy bar is a custom job.