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Discussion in 'Trikes' started by zoood, Nov 23, 2010.

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    I was setting on my trike outside a dealership. 3 riders pulled up and parked along side of me. They exited their bikes and were standing outside the entrance door. I happened to take notice to one of the rider's bike seats. In one spot of the seat. A pin hole sized spot on their seat started to smoke. I called to one of the riders and said your seat is starting to smoke! He rushed over and sure enough. In one little spot it was starting to burn and melt! He immediately started taking his seat off, which ceased the burn that was taking place. What had happened. Is that when they pulled up and the way they were parked. The sun was reflected from one mirror to another's mirror and then to his mirror and then to the seat. It acted just like when one uses the sun through a magnifying glass to pin point the intensity of the sun's ray. Luckily I was there to notice this. It would have been a real bummer to come out to a bike fire! And to never know how it ignited.

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    Im just glad I got to witness it taking place. I would have hated the fact that he would see me trying to put the fire out when he exited the building. One of his first thoughts would probably have been of me starting his bike on fire. If he didnt see what the cause was from the git-go. I dont think he would believe anything I could or would have said. Like it reads,... it's really far fetched!


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    Zoood, had that happen to me at my gal's house, she was doing some laundry...laid some clothes on the back of a chair and a vinyl belt. Sun shined on her makeup convex mirror, reflected down onto the belt and started to burn it. I happened to walk into the room, smelled burning and pointed to it...she could not believe it and pull the blinds down...1/8" hole had burned clean through the belt, ready to go at the clothes farther out of focus fortunately. :small3d038:
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    Someone posted a similar incident on one of the other Harley forums some months ago. Appears to be more common than I would have imagined.
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    23 a couple of million odds. Glad you were there to intervene & assist b/c the seat's an easy replacement.
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    Wow!, now we gotta start worying about parking in the sun, that is so strange to have happened.
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    Didn't Mythbusters have a segment on something similar? Archimedes supposedly ignited a Roman fleet and thus defeated their invasion by using mirrors to reflect (and focus?) sunlight onto their ships.
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    Talk about being in the right place at the right time. You were able to stop a very very BAD day for someone.
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    Wow i have to say i must be lucky here because we very rarely see the sun :(

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    That could have gotten real ugly, you did the right thing IMO:s