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Lubing Clutch Cable Too Often?


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You will see this on Dyna's and some baggers most often. The problem is the ground cable to frame not making a good connection or the cable itself in poor condition. This is due to paint or just a poor connection so the clutch cable becomes the ground as well as the throttle cables. Use a star washer on the ground between frame and cable or scrape it clean and it will be ok.
If this has happened several times, then the cable will need replacing as well because the liner has been melted inside and the cable will always be stiff and drag.

In some instances, the cable can actually smoke as the starter is being cranked.

It will also give the symptoms of a weak battery when cranking.

To isolate this problem,try this....
Use a battery jumper cable and attach one end to the NEG terminal on the battery and the other end to a good ground on the motor and try to start it up. If it starts properly, you have found the problem in the NEG cable to ground. Now it's a matter of either locating the bad connection in the NEG cables or replacing them.
The touring bikes have a TWO piece NEG cable that joins using a frame mounted stud just in front of the battery. This is where the problem comes from in most cases.

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