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Lowrider to Wideglide

g barber

New Member
I've got a maintenance question I hope someone can help with. I have a 96 FXDL that I've been trying to put a wide glide front end on. The problem I'm running into is the steering stem on the wide glide lower triple tree is to short to go all the way thru the lock nut. Could this be a Softtail front end? Is there a difference in the Softtail and wide glide stems? The stems of the narrow glide and the wide glide that I have are the same length. I've also used a bearing race installation tool to ensure the races are completely installed.

Thanks for the help!
If you can pull a part number off the front end you have, I may be able to come up with something.
On the inside of the lower T tree I got 4 5674 80C, On the bottom of the lower T tree I got YC8612.

Thanks for the help,