Lowering Rear Suspension

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mad Max, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Mad Max

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    I have a 2008 Ultra Classic and tried a rear shock relocation kit which shifted the shocks 1 inch back and lower bike an inch. It worked great with just myself on bife but with my wife on back I started to bottom out. I pumped up air to 35psi but was still hitting. I was thinking of removing the lowering kit and replacing the standard shock which is 13in with a 11.5in Progressive Shock 440 Series which would lower bike 1.5inches. Anyone ever try this or any sugestions?
  2. Gunslinger

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    My Road King has 11.5" 440's on it and I love them, but I only ride solo on that bike. Looks awesome and handles fine, but again that's solo only....

    My Ultra has the Street Glide shocks on it and a HD lowereing kit up front.....just lowered it enough to make me comfortable and flat foot at a light, in combination with a modified stock seat. The ride is completely stock, no modified suspension angles, and works fine with a passenger......
  3. rbmount

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    Hd has lowering shocks , but i think they only lower you 3/4 inch. if you go that way do not use with your lowering kit, because the combination of both will eat up the wiring harness under your fender. another thing to look for with your present setup is be sure the geometry change hasn't made your shocks rub the inside of your bags.
    I've seen both situations at work lately several times.