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Lowering Of Suspensions


Peace to all,--- I'm of medium stature(5'10"), Ride a Rd Kng(04) have a very nice mustang seat on the bike, and was thinking of a lowering kit to install to maybe get the bike down another 1" to 1 1/2". ---I have the factory air shocks out back and was wondering if I have to give those up, or do the lowering kit brackets that are for sell let you keep them?--What about the front shocks(forks), do they have to be changed also?--How big a deal is it to change the internals(springs,oil,)on them?--Do both front and back shocks have to be changed in lowering?--I'm flat footed at a stop(with biker boots) but my wife has a hard time swinging over onto bike. I know that lowering bike will give me less turing radius(I rode the dragen's tail) but it seems to me that a lower profile would have a better feel of control. Am I wrong on all this?
The lowering of the suspension will change the ride and to an extent the handling of any bike. I have had both and I enjoy the ride of the factory suspension over the lowered one. Usually a lowered bike will have a harsher ride than the stock suspensions do.
The springs in the front of the RK can be changed to something like progressive springs and the rears can use a lowering kit (not recommended) or shorter shocks to drop it down. I believe you can use the air shocks from a RK custom which are shorter without giving up too much comfort.
You'll find other posts on the forum about this and the consensus of opinions on lowering a bike.