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Lowering Electra Glide


I've been through the forum looking for the effects of lowering touring bikes but I would like to hear from people who have done it. I'm 5' 10" but only have a 28" inseam. I have a Reach seat already but it still feels too tall when I'm stopped. I love the bike, I could ride all day with it. I'm about ready to add thicker soles to my boots:nosad. Any ideas??
Lowering any vehicle will effect the ride and handling. I have had a lowered bike (CVO done at the factory) and the ride was harsh. Even if you opt to use the progressive springs to lower it , the ride will still suffer especially so if you ride 2 up.

There's options like a seat modification by this person (Allen), good work and can tailor your seat to where you want it to be.

Mean City Cycles Custom Seat Modifications :: Home
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Good question! :D
I love the looks of a lowered bike but I hate having the bike scrapping at speed bumps,:panic, it even scrapes now with the normal height two ups, so am leaving it alone.:)

Good luck and Welcome to the forum:s
I know whay you mean by scraping. I went through a series of bumps yesterday and scraped three times going in and the same coming back out. Told my daughter next time I'll bring my truck.
Thanks Glider, I just went to their site and that looks to be just what I wanted. That's what I love about this site, sooooo much good info.
I too only have a 28" inseam, I'm 5' 4" short.
I lowered the bike but it handled like poo and scraped all over. I put the stock hight suspention back on and switched to a Mustang solo seat it is cut narrower tword the tank now I can sit flat footed and it handles much better with stock hight suspention.
My SG comes with 12" shocks which are one inch lower than standard.
They are no longer on the bike. My back couldn't take the abuse of bottoming out any longer. I now have HD 13" air shocks and am very happy. Of course I am 6' tall so seat height is not an issue. I understand your dilemna. Most things in life are a compromise so if your main priority is to be able to be flat footed when stopped at idle, then I believe a compromise may be in order.
On the plus side the lower shocks will handle better in the curves.
I think I've fixed my problem. I had the stock seat , since I've been using the Reach, to play with. I removed the cover and took about 2 inches of foam off the seat. There's about 4 1/2 inches of the stuff in there. I've ridden about 300 miles since taking the foam out with no ill effects (sore butt). My feet are now flat on the ground. The reach seat moved me forward and down. I needed to go down, not forward and feel like I was on top of the tank. Very comfortable and now it feels like I'm sitting in the bike instead of on top of it.
I too am vertically challenged(5' 7" 29 length pants), I lowered my 94 low rider and it absolutely killed me to ride it. With my road king I have now, all I had to do was buy a pair of Harley boots and I set flat footed at a red light now. Their soles are thicker than usual.