Lowering 2005 Sportster 1200R Roadster

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by jewaugh, May 16, 2010.

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    I would like to lower my 05 1200R with lowering shocks. I can get both feet on the ground, but legs are straight with no bend, I think a couple of inches would make a world of difference.
    The stock shocks are 13.5" and bottom out when my wife rides with me.
    I am 5'8:, 225lb., my wife is about 128lb.
    I am considering the Progressive 412 series HD (412-4066C) 11.5".
    My question is: will the Progressive give a better ride without bottoming out?
    Will I have to make any other modifications if I install the shocks?
    All comments are welcome!
    If anyone has a better recommendation, I would love to hear them.


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    Welcome Jewaugh to the HDTimeline forum and your first post. Since I have done what you are contemplating...I would say in your case only go down to 12", and contact Progressive regarding the weight and recomended preload spring. I weigh 130lbs, my gal weighs 125lbs (give or take :D) and have the 11.5" ones plus stiffer front end springs and 7.5Wt Belray fork oil and I still drag a bit on occasion under carriage parts with preload set to max. I did cut down on the rubber stopper on the Jiffy Stand (tang drags in hard left handers), and changed the mounting hardware & ground down a bit of the forward exhaust crossover bracket (touches down on hard right handers) to help. :34:
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    I had the same bike and I'm the same height and weight as you. Why not try a lower seat? If you ride 2 up a lot you might want that suspension travel that you already have. Unless you feel unstable when standing still, having straight legs isn't a problem. It's pretty easy to bottom the bike out if you're at maximum GVW.