Lowering 09 SG front?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by DrBro, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. DrBro

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    Since the 09 Street Glide is already lowered in the rear, does dropping the front help or hurt handling? I love the slammed look and was wondering if a drop in the front would add to the look and handling as well.

    Sorry - it's raining and I have been pouring over the HD catalog all day.....:D
  2. glider

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    Less suspension travel and lower ground clearance just to look cool???:yeahright
  3. DrBro

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    LoL! Many a chopper is built with less comfort for the same reason! We all do things to make our bikes look more the way we like (or sound). I was wondering if lowering the front would be noticeable in handling (good or bad). I suspect dropping the rake just a tad will make it turn in a bit quicker, but not track as well. Since it is only an inch, I am trying to get a feel if it is really noticable - especially by those that have done it.
  4. STEVE07

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    If the rear has already been lowered doing the front would only put everything back to factory spec. The only thing that would suffer is ground clearance.
  5. JJDH

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    i lowered my 2010, put springs in forks, heavier spectro type e fluid, i am very thrilled with the result. ride doesnt suffer, its better with the heavier fluid, sits better, i just like it.:bigsmiley28:
  6. DrBro

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    No one else? OK, I am not tall and have short legs too. I like the low look, but it is functional as well. Anyone?

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    DrBro, I think what stopped others from commenting was the fact you made it sound like you were JUST lowering the front...! Most riders lower the rear first because it is easier, mainly controlled by the length of the rear shock, with stiffer ride, rather than "mushy" OEM shock...for a more conventional bike lowered rear, rather than the nose down front end only "look."

    I also am a bit "vertically challenged" at 5' 6" and 30" inseam, and like most lowered my conventional OEM rear shocks, with 11" Progressive 412's (black) because they were hidden by the throwover bags anyway. Ended up changing the seat because I wanted the bigger 4.5 gallon tank and lowered me another 1". I chose to "balance" the bike lowering to lessen impact to steering geometry and subsequent handling changes, as well as "the look".


    I then changed the front fork springs (Progressive) based on rider weight and desire to "level" the bike out and put in 10 oz of 7.5W Bel Ray fork oil and I was good to go...net lowering was about 2" yet my ground clearance is still around 4.5" at the lowest point (unladen), but with the stiffer preload and oil...the bike sacks maybe 1" (laden). Of course if I ride two up, I crank preload to highest setting (2 notches) from Normal. Works fine for me...on my Sporty.
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  8. jm1957ca

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    Lowered the front of my 09 street glide. Used the Harley kit with type E oil. I feel that the bike rides and handles better than stock. I must say that I put on a new front tire and that the fork oil was like mud when it came out. I have not had any problems with floorboards scraping the ground
  9. FLHXTom29715

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    I have a stock 09 SG and scrape the floor boards a bit now. My 98RK, lowered the front 1" and air shocks on the back. First thing I noticed taking a corner near my house, I scrapped when I hadn't before, but after riding that bike some 9+ years lowered, I was able to adjust my riding habits and not scrape. Whats interesting, the spec's on all touring models in their sales book, list all model with 5" ground clearance, even though the SG has 11" shoocks, so like um, how they do that, if the frame is all the same? Tom
  10. mark98012

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    Lowered my wife's '07 RK Custom 1 inch in front. Ground clearance suffers but to me it's not that big of a deal. IT SITS WAY LOWER! The wife rides it like a sport bike and we do our vacations on our bikes and she hasn't said a bad word about comfort or handling.