lowering 08 fat boy

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by ldavis16, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Do you mean to lower just the rear? If so it is very straight forward and there are two ways you can go. You can either buy extension bolts or buy longer shocks. The only problem with doing it yourself is the fact that the old bolts are really in there and if you don’t have a lift they can be a pain to get to, but still doable. My father had his lowered by a local shop and they charged him 1 hour ($70). If you wanted to lower the front as well, that takes a lot of time and if you are not familiar with working on forks I would leave it up to the shop, but it is going to cost you. I would NOT lower the front by way of buying new triple trees and raking it out. That will only cause problems with handling. I don’t know why anyone would suggest you do it that way but some people are stupid.

    What chrome are you going to have them do? Unless they are going to send something to a machine shop to have a piece chromed (such as custom bars or wheels or something) I would do it myself. I have not seen any piece of chrome that Harley sells in its shop that one couldn’t put on themselves.
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    Lower means harder in most cases and you loose ground clearance also on turns too. Had a lowered bike, never again.
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    I lowerd my 06 fatboy. I love the look the ride is harder. you have to be carefull turning you will drag the floor boards. Its very easy to lower the front and rear with the right tools and jack a instructions.
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    I've got V&H Bigshots, the Long ones, and they will drag before the foot boards on a right hand turn.....I imagine it would be much worse with a lowered bike.....sure does look cool though....I've often thought about an air system so that I could manually adjust bike height...
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    I ride with a guy who lowered his softail.After a hard days ride he started complainig about losing gears.Upon stopping we could see the puddle form from where he had ground off the drain plug edge on his outer primary.This was an Evo so perhaps it wont apply to you but it removed any thoughts I ever had on lowering my bike.