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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by tumma, Apr 23, 2011.

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    I have an 03 classic with the original seat. The problem is the wife would like to sit lower behind me. Any suggestions? I still want to use my back rest. The wife is only 5'2"
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    There are some adjustments you can make on the passenger floor boards. Stock they are set in the middle so they can move up one notch. if that does not do the trick, there are couple of folks that make passenger pegs that fasten on to the brackets on the passenger floorboards. If all that fails, talk to the guys at Mean City Cycles, They can re-work your passenger section of the seat and leave your part alone.
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  3. R_W_B

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    I assume that you are talking about riding 2up on the classic where your wife is the passenger. The physics of the bike designate that you can basically only do two things with the seating.

    1. To lower your wife's passeger section you would have to remove some of the foam padding. Might not be as comfortable but would be an inch or so lower.

    2. You can add padding to your rider seat to raise you up an inch or so.

    There are also custom seats for sale that are structurally designed to move the rider up (and backward) the rear fender, raising the rider section depending on how far back you go up the rear fender. This will obviously also encroach into the passenger area of the seat so it's all a matter of how much room is available there, if you have a sissy bar etc. Theses types of seats are usually for riders with very long legs.
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    Sculpting out the foam in the rear of seat may help. Is she not already having a hard time seeing around you already like on the newer bikes?? Removing the padding is probably going to compromise comfort....