low throttle surge ?

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    I installed a 1250 cc kit on my wifes 2011 sportster 883 superlow. It has rush 1.75 slip-ons , hurricane flow air filter and powercomader 5. The bike runs great but has a low throttle, 2-5% throttle, surge's in any gear or rpm. I have added fuel to the map, ok lots of fuel, at the 2-5-10% fuel cells. It had some signifigent decel pop too but the added fuel at 0-% seems to have cured that.
    The bike acerllerated smooth as silk when it was an 883, now its bit like a switch to go or not to go? At 10% throttle or above it works great in everyway.
    Maybe this is how it going to run but does not seem right.
    Powercomander 5 the issue?
    Would an ecm tuner with auto tune fix this?