Low speed wobble

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by dfbales, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. dfbales

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    Low speed wobble
    coasting down from 35 to 30. repaired by adjusting fall every 3000 miles. Looking for other owners that have this problem with there softtail.
  2. gator508

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    Had the same problem until I had it adjusted by HD, problem solved, they also tightened the spokes to torque specs. Good luck!
  3. dfbales

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    this bike has been to several hd shops, hd has even took it back to a shop out of state to one of there special mech, still good for only 3000 miles, every inch of bike has been gon over, tires , wheels, neck, alaignment. I am sure there are more bikes that do it out there my atty would like to know of a few.
  4. Hoople

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    I can't imagine that the bearings in the neck assembly will develop more end play every 3K miles. I can see the 1st time when bike was new but future end play development is slow. I think your adjusting fall away to compensate for some other problem. Just a hunch.
  5. Big Rol

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    I've heard about Harley having some front wheels that were bored slightly oversize and this caused wobble problems. I tape a straw to the fork with one end just touching the wheel to check alignment regularly
  6. poohbear

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    Had same trouble with my CrossBones, every 3000-3500 miles, (see my tread 'crossbones front end). What they did was adjusted more on the neck bearings, it fixed it but I'm sure the bearings will wear out sooner. good luck.
  7. TQuentin1

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    From what you said above, the shops you have taken the bike to have checked the following:
    • Tires - no out of round or slipped belts?
    • Wheels - trued, and spokes adjusted (if applicable)?
    • Neck - fall away adjusted to new specs?
    • Bike alignment - wheels rolling in straight line with rear in line with front?
    So the obvious have also been checked, right?:
    • Tire pressure
    • Brake rotor warp (none?)
    • Brake caliper/pad function (not sticking)
    • Wheel bearings good
    • Front wheel mounted on forks per manual instructions
    • Weight distribution on bike (not too much weight on rear from stuff in bags)
  8. cossak

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    There is a good list of possible maintaince issues listed above, the only thing I would add is a riding style issue: Are you decelerating on compression? I found that if I downshifted and let the throttle off quickly (especially in 3rd gear) on my Fatboy the rearwheel would lose traction briefly, just like a locked rear brake (but you arn't touching the brake) so it wobbles (slides) briefly then recovers and streightens out, check if it happens always at stoplights & stop signs where there is more oil on the road but not out on some clean dry pavement. I cured it by just rolling down the throttle when approaching stops.

    Ride safe and enjoy.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    TQ has the list of things to check. Just remember all motorcycles have a oscillation frequency that if not suppressed by the frictional losses in the tire contact patch (tread), cables and steering bearings (fall away), and unsprung weight dynamic balance (wheels and tires), etc.

    So do your due dilligence and not "just" do fall away" adjustment. You may find something subtle that is causing vibration that is loosening up things...the "fall away" problem being a symptom NOT the cause. Amazing how something dynamically out of balance can "hammer" ball bearing surfaces exacerbating problems...I even had a worn rear tire cause low speed wobble, as well as heavy item on rear rack of top box. Just my experience on my metric touring bike...only had Sporty for 2 years...whats a top box. LOL!
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  10. dfbales

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    all items in the above posts have been done several times, by hd on there nickle and once by a mc shop with cert mechs on my nickle, I have spent over 5 thousand now on this wobble on decell. harley has replaced both tires /wheels/ break disks/ entire ft end