Low oil pressure/ rocker box noise

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by outsider, Jun 8, 2009.

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    I have a 03 FXST w/ 25000 miles, all stock except bigger jet and screaming eagle exhaust. I have always had some rocker/valve noise - since new. recently it has become loud. I just installed an oil pressure gauge to help find the problem, and found when it's at normal engine temp (175f) I have 3psi of oil pressure. I ordered a new baisley spring Lmr-002 and checked my cam chain tensioners both have no wear, but are pitted. any ideas?
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    Pitting seems to be a normal thing for the tensioners possibly from a poor choice of material used to make them, the wear is what necessitates replacement.
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    I had the same problem with my 01 Road King, but it started at about 7000 miles and when I tore down the motor the rocker shafts and rocker bushings where wore past limits. Kept digging and looking and found that the lifter bores in the case had .0026 clearance and it was not getting oil to the top end, Harley gives a max limit of .003 wear on lifter bores but it needs to be closer to .0015 max to make sure you are getting oil to the top end. Replaced Lifters with Feuling race lifters at .0015 over size with gear drive cams and fueling support plate and race pump. So far it seems to have fixed the problem. I have put another 30,000 miles on it and i still have 30 psi oil pressure at 226 Deg F at idle. I'm not saying that this is your problem but with you saying the top end is getting noisy and low oil pressure I would look at the lifter bores.
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    Hopefully the Baisley will set things straight. I put one in my '03 before I changed out everything in the cam chest doing the roller chain conversion. I am gonna put it in this plate as soon as it is time to change the tranny gear lube (Spectro 6-spd).

    I do suggest when you go to change out the OEM spring that you get the plunger out and clean it real well. Then clean out the port that all that stuffs back in (long Q-tips soaked in solvent). Make sure when you reinstall everything that the Baisley spring is COMPLETELY above the roll pin when you put it back. Do keep an eye on those tensioners. Probably good to open up the cover annually for a peek. Checking the inside one is the challenge. If you ever have to take the plate off for some reason, swap out the INA bearings for some Torringtons.