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Low fuel indicator light on full tank


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Bike is a 2005 duece fuel injected, i have installed vance and hines big shots, high airflow, and V&H Fuelpak. Used codes given by V&H. Low fuel indictor light comes on at idle and bike sputters and dies. It easily starts back up. Could this be a prob with the fuelpak or is it within the tank itself, injectors, or something else. My concern is that bike is still under warranty and dont want to pay for repairs if i can avoid it.

I moved your post to the proper forum. The self help forum is mainly for asking a question about a topic that is posted there already.

Your problem sounds complex. If it weren't stalling when the light comes on I would say a bad gauge, however with the stalling it could be a number of things.

Start by disconnecting the fuel pack and see if the trouble goes away. After that check the wiring where it goes up through the bottom of the tank to the gauge to see if it is chaffed or bare and grounding out causing the problem.

Assuming that the idle is set properly , try to pull a code from the DTC using this procedure and see what you get.