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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by kzoo, Jun 2, 2011.

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    I am loving riding my new to me 04 heritage. I have been riding since mid March in temps as low as 25 degrees here! Now that it is warmer and much more pleasant, I am starting to log the miles. So many that my left arm/elbow is getting sore from working the clutch! Doc says to rest it....HA...a few ibuprofen and away we go. Someday it will hopefully get built up to where it is not sore any more. Pretty sure it is the tendons or whatever....

    Have to drive the cage tomorrow to pick up people from the airport, so I will call that the resting it!
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    I'm glad the weather is getting right for you and you are enjoying your new bike. Down here it is AWESOME in the mornings, the temp is in the high 60's. However in the afternoon it is HOT, the temp is in the high 90's pushing 100. I guess all that means is it is time to brake out the sunscreen and ride.
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    Talk to your Dr about an orthopedic splint, it will be preformed to your arm and give extra support to your wrist:s
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    There are several 'e-z clutch' type applications available. Both on the clutch handle end, and the tranny end.
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    Harley Davidson Community from The Self Help Section:s
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    Glad you are getting some warmer weather up there to ride in. It was 103F here today but I will be out riding in the morning right after breakfast!:newsmile108: