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Love Those Ovals


I just pulled the bike outa storage and one of the first things I did was to install my new V&H ovals.Man they sound nice.Now for the stage one!
I just got my True Duals, with Vance&Hines Ovals and ThunderMax Closed Loop Wide Band installed. Sounds great, rides better than it ever has, if you've got the money it is a must.....

2007 FLHX
Ultimately,I'd like to put true duals on, a stage one and paint the inner fairing.But for now at least I got the exhaust on,and man I love the sound. Huge improvement.
I went from having to open the throttle wide open to get it to move in some situations to just having to crack it open just a bit. It is cooler with the True Duals, better sound and much more power. I waited till the HD dealer had a sale, and since I knew the prices, when things got close I jumped on it. so, only $2100.00 installed and out the door, the ThunderMax is normally @$899.99 before discounts. So, pipes, mufflers, stage one kit and install all for $2100.00 well worth it, since it will remap itself as required over the long haul and in the end be more cost effective than a piece here, then remap, piece there, then remap... etc.

As I said if you got the $$ it is well worth it, it feels like a hole new bike.
Sorry hit the wrong button. Let's start again
Module - $900.00
True Dules - $900.00
Air Cleaner - $140.00
Total - $1940.00

You paid the dealer $260.00 for two hours work, a couple of gaskets. Bro, do it yourself and save. A pro model bike lift cost between $500 and $600 dollars. and you will have it for a long time. Besides there is no greater feeling that wrenching on you own bike. But I guess the the bottom line is that your scooter runs like you want.