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    bar that is. I have been busy of late with home improvement projects, one of which was to install an aluminum roof over on the back patio. I used new frames but with old aluminum roof pans left over from an earlier project. The new and old aluminum definitely clashed, I need to paint the pans. As I had just installed upgraded speakers on the bike, I pulled her outta the garage and had her sitting about 50 feet away with the music blaring.

    Well, using about ten cans of Rustoleum white paint, I painted the pans to match the frames, looks good. What I didn't realize until later was that the wind blew fine droplets of white paint toward my bike, dusting it with a light coat. Of course, I didn't realize this until a few days later when I went to wash it and realized the "dust" was washing off.

    Thinking back to my younger days when I used to detail automobiles, I found some old Meguiar's claybar, a spray bottle of "instant detail" and went to work on the paint. That clay bar did the trick with minimal effort. It not only removed the paint but all of those blemishes that show up over time were gone too. My paint looks prestine, although I do need to rewax the bike.

    Now to clean the chrome.
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    Good on you Mark, Merry Christmas to you and your family
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    Now what lesson did you learn Mark? :newsmile100: I did the same thing to my truck a few years back.
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    It is amazing how far paint can travel to a place it is not wanted even when using a brush

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    Clay bar takes a lot of time when used properly. But the results are absolutely amazing....