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  1. I have noticed a lot of talk about the law and loud pipes. Is there a way to check the pipes and see how many decibels is coming out. Or is there a meter a man could buy to check it himself. :(
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    There's an APP for that..........on your I Phone. I think Droid has it too.
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    Hear in calgary they are talking about putting in a bylaw for noise. threw a speed photo set up. I run straight pipes on my fatboy. I love how it sounds. on my streetglide just running screaming eagel pipes sounds good does not take over the radio. I perfer load pipes then u can be heard. I myself am not one of these guys that has to constanly revving there throttle at idle stopped at a light that is a problem with most guys with load pipes.
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    I see quite a few Cdns are chiming in here...just wondering if any one knows what the laws are in Ontario....I think that's where I'm going when I get back to Canada...
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    Unfortunately those people who over rev their throttles are the one who are going to ruin it for all of us. and In the long run more people will even up being killed or injured because of this when the government clamps down
  6. Tanx you rock I found a free db meter for my iphone.
  7. Noise level

    I downloaded a app for my iphone to check how many db my new pipes were putting out. It said in the federal noise limits for motorcycles 3 meters away. Which is about 9 feet. When I checked it mine never got past 55 db's.