loss of power miss fire and flames

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  1. I have a 05 cvo electra glide se103 supertrapp 2 into 1 exhaust screamin eagle intake screamin eagle race tuner k&n high flow air filter bike was runnin perfect down hiway bout 75 mph went to pass and she just fell on her face I let off and she ran normal twisted throttle and fell on face again next day she started to cough every now ant then brought he home threw her on table started checkin her over found broken exhaust pipe fixed that tore upper end off checked cylinders and pistons heads etc all good threw new rings in her opened cam chest all good readjusted pushrods reassembled still had cough and flames out of the pipe backfires through throttle body wont rev up replaced iac tps and map sensor new plugs shut bike off it will fire and run good as long as I rev it up right away but as soon as I let it idle it stars to pop and cough and not rev all over shut her down refire and same thing rev right up let idle and same symptoms again??????? and no engine light
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    Have you checked for any DTC faults???????
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    ECM gone south? Injector connector loose/broken?.
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    Have you checked the battery and cables?