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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by 2manycats, Nov 28, 2010.

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    Hi all,
    Noob here (new to the site and new to Harleys). I just need some advice, and I guess someone out there has come across my problem. About a month after I bought my 2010 Heritage S.T., I ran over a nail, which of course blew out the rear tube. The tow (flatbed) was $125 :newsmile038: to a dealer only about 1 1/2 miles away. Then another $160 for a tube :nosad. I was thinking that if I replaced those spoked wheels, I could go tubeless, then next time stick in a plug temporarily.
    I've been looking at some used rims on Ebay, and the prices aren't too bad, but I need to know what size the axles are--is there some way to get the dimension without taking things apart?
    And, I know the sizes I need, and I realize the bearings are separate, but is there anything else I need to know before I buy wheels? I don't need any $3,000/set artsy things, just something that isn't going to look too bad.
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    I would look at how many years riding versus flat tires. If upgrading to mag wheels to customize one thing. If want to loose spokes only if you might get a flat tire and be able to plug I would reconsider. The tow bill would be the same unless carrying a repair kit and inflater device. Also the plug is just temporary to get you to shop to replace tire.
    Just my 2 cents.
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    you have a 2010 heritage ,dont you get a 1 yr free HOG membership anymore that includes emergency towing and most insurance carriers out there give free roadside and towing up to 100 miles for motorcycle policys these days,and 160 to replace a tube sounds way out of line, ok let say 40.00 for tube even at a 1 hr labor charge of 70. thats 110 and I would think would be on the higher end 0f the scale , that would seem to me to put a new tire install at your dealership at over 300.are the HD tubes that expensive it just does not add up, there are aftermarket companys that sell tubless spoke rims if you wanted to keep the spokes though
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    Did the dealer only replace tube and not tire?????:(
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    Im having new wheels put on my 2008 fatboy If they fit and you are interested I will be willing to almost give them away.

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    I'm interested. Can you tell me what model, make they are so I can get some fit info?


    I about choked, too. It was at Hale's Harley in Mansfield, Ohio. The tube was only about $18, but they charged 1 1/2 hours labor at around $90/hr. They said they had to completely remove the pipes, take off the brakes, balance, re-align the wheel, blah, blah, blah-and that's why labor was so high. I can't say they didn't do all this, because it happened on a Sunday when they were closed, so I dropped off the bike with a note to fix it.

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    Whats strange is what did they do to tire to prevent tube from being pinched at hole in tire????? Usually the tire should be replaced especially from a liability stand point.
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    To tell tell you the truth, by that time I didn't want to question them when they said the tire was ok to go-they might get to thinking about it too much. Maybe they put a tire patch on the inside to protect the tube, I know I did it to car tires back in the day.
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    $160 to install a new tube. Wow! I had a rear replaced a couple of months ago. $17 for the tube and $40 to R&R the wheel. They got to you for over $100.