Loose Apes on FXD

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Bklim, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Bklim

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    I have a 2007 FXD Super Glide that has 12" apes with the factory
    risers/speedo clamps. The bars were on the bike when I got it and no matter
    how much I tighten the clamp screws (being careful not to tighten them too tight as not to strip them) the bars still will move when a bit more than normal riding pressure is put on them. Note I have internal wiring in the bars.

    Any good ideas on how to keep these from moving?

  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    If you have the factory one piece clamp, try the 2 piece set:s
  3. Breeze3at

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    I also had that problem with my Dyna bars. The bars are knurled when new, and when they slipped, the knurling became smooth, nothing to grip. I ended up pulling the threads out of one of the risers, so I drilled and tapped the risers to the next size (5/16 x18?). Now they are cranked down tight. Apes are harder to keep from slipping because of the additional leverage.
  4. hillbilly81

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    Seems like the nature of the beast on a dyna..had the same thing happen moved em back and tightened them back up for over 3 years on my 09 super glide
  5. Bklim

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    Thanks to all for the replies, Yes certainly more leverage causing the issue.

    Jack, with your solution going to the 2 piece clamp set, how/where would I mount the speedo ? Remember the FXD has the speedo and indicator lights built into top clamp.

    Tapping the holes for larger bolts are an interesting solution.
  6. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    HMMM, dunno for sure,
  7. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    [​IMG] Here is a picture of the 1 piece and 2 piece clamps, my guess is your bracket would still bolt over the top
  8. stray dog

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    5/16-18 is the size on my RK, next size 3/8-16.

    I would inspect the knurl on the bars and the condition of risers and clamp.
    If the knurl is smoothed out or not raised (cheap bars), get new (good)bars.

    I also politly disagree with going to a two piece clamp vs one piece. I have more reasons but long story. Read link here from Wild 1 on this subject. I also highly recomend Wild 1 bars.

    Wild 1 Chubby Handlebars.
  9. jimharvey1

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    If you know someone that is in air conditioning and refrigeration, they may be able to give you some of the foil type metal tape that they use to seal plenums to the top of an air handler. It's really thin metal tape, sticky on one side. You may be able to wrap a layer of tape around the bar and tightening it down under the clamp. Another thing you could try is cutting some new knurling groves in the bar with a dremel motor and a cutting disk before putting the tape on. Easier than rewiring a set of apes.
  10. stray dog

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    I feel compelled to stir the pot here again.

    Cutting takes metal away. Knurling is a process of forming or rather deforming the metal creating the larger diameter diamond pattern.

    Some years back in my quest to find MY bars I bought bars from a dealership (Harley). During test drive I hit a dip in the road doing about 60mph and the bars moved enough to really freak me out. Since I had a trip in the morning I promptly went home, cleaned my drawers out & then started wrenching. I noticed my new Harley bars did not have a proper knurl, it wasn't raised at all.
    For a temp fix for my trip I wrapped some window screen in there.
    When I got back and went to the dealer, expecting someone to be excited as I was, they calmly said something to the effect it's not that uncommon. They also said some guys pin them and also suggested the one piece clamp.
    Now I dont really remember if I kept those bars or not on that bike but I think the one piece clamp did the trick (I removed the screen).

    On my current bike I put the Wild 1's on and also paid extra, even tho its not seen on a RK, for their chromed billet one-piece clamp.
    The two slots on top in picture are clearance I needed to machine for tach mnt screws.
    bike 006.jpg

    Anyhow, its IMO this is a safety concern.
    I would not try to save money or work here.

    I also like to keep my drawers clean when I ride :D