Looks Like I'm Sticking With My Sporty

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by jamientrish, May 20, 2010.

  1. jamientrish

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    Had my Sportster since Novemeber and I thought I'd be wanting to move on to something bigger by now. Over the last month or so I have ridden a Road King, Street Glide, Road Glide, Fat Boy, Heritage and Fat Bob.

    Suprisingly, to me at least, I couldn't wait to get back to my Sportster every time!

    Looks like I'll be sticking with my stage 1 883 and look to upgrade the engine to 1200 next year.

    Anyone else suprise themselves by not wanting to move to the larger bikes?
  2. rick1062

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    It is nice to know what you like. There is something for everyone.
  3. jamientrish

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    I'm saving for the upgrade from 883 to 1200. Probably gonna go with the SE kit.

    Can I get the upgrade kit without the air filter? I already have the pipes and filter on it.

    Also need to get an air horn installed! Had to use the poor stock horn this morning and it didnt do much. Nothing too scary, just the usual phone talking driver drifting into my lane.
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  4. Scrappy

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    sounds scary to me, I will share a story in a email I got. its off another forum.
    (my dad sent it to me, still lookin out.) should almost be a new thread?

    I died today, Friday 5-7-10

    Well if finally happened, My luck ran out. It must be luck
    that kept me alive this long as I can not claim any super
    skills on my motorcycle. It just happened so fast. The first
    clue I got was when the Volvo's mirror touched my left
    handlebar. The wheel cut left first and I bounced off the
    passenger door and right at the Motor Carrier cab tandem
    rear wheels. AS I hit the ground at 80 feet per second the
    bike rotated over me and then into me. I actually felt the
    right side fork push into my pelvis and through to the back,
    actually scraping the ground. The first set of wheels
    bounced over the bike and me and then the trailer tires hit.
    This part really hurt as it ran right over my helmet.
    Important parts in a helmet, things a person needs. I was
    now hovering over the scene watching in utter fascination as
    what was left of my mortal carcass got spit out the back of
    the rig in a pile of rags and tire smoke.

    The first person to walk up to me dropped to her knees and
    puked. Wimp I thought, just cover me up and go back to your
    life you can not help me now. I thought of my 16 year old
    son and my wife of almost 20 years. I was going to finish
    putting the garden in on Saturday and these billion scoville
    peppers I bought online need to start being rotated out and
    inside. Well I guess a few questions we all have at the end
    will now be answered. What is that light? Grandma? Grandpa?

    Almost friends.


    You see I have a few very strict rules when I am driving.
    High on the list is if I see someone on a cel phone I get
    away. I do not wait I get away. Get away now!

    The newer cx90 with the o so busy lady yakin on the cel
    phone was one of those moments. I was in the middle lane
    passing a Motor Carrier truck and when I looked into the
    side mirror as she passed me and saw the universal sign of a
    distracted driver, right hand to side of head. AS she passed
    me I also saw the starbucks coffee in the left hand. My
    internal alarms flashed and a cold shot of piss hit my
    heart. She was going to pass me but really had no where to
    go as the next vehicle in line was less than 70 feet in
    front of her. I rechecked my rear and grabbed brakes. Not
    hard enough to skid but enough that a half a second later
    she is 50 feet in front of me and I am now behind the truck.
    I signal and pull behind the truck and still loose speed as
    I like to be able to get at least one mirror on a truck
    visible. I press the lane to the left and briefly make
    mirror contact with the driver.

    30 seconds later a Kia Sportage passes me in the middle
    lane. This is where I would have died. AS the Kia gets even
    with the trucks rear wheels the Volvo decides they need to
    get in the middle lane. The CX90 pushes the Sportage onto
    the tires like Dale used to push Buckshot into the wall. The
    plastic wheel well flares come off like confetti and wiz by
    my helmet. I see red lights from the trailer But I already
    know the drill, find an out NOW! sometimes stopping is the
    wrong answer. I look in my mirrors and I see a panel van
    closing in the slow lane but the high speed is clear. The
    Volvo is now backwards and behind me in the gravel, the
    driver now a passenger until Newtons 1st law is fulfilled. I
    throw my self across the 2 left lanes and pass everything. I
    stop about a hundred yards past the end and walk back.

    The truck has 2 blown tires and the Kia looks like modern
    art on the passenger side. The Volvo has a scuffed passenger
    door and a missing mirror and a crying driver. I walk behind
    the truck and this is where the real damage was. The panel
    van driver is slumped over the broken windshield with bags
    deployed, van and trailer now joined. What is missing is me.
    The second wrong choice would have been to stop behind the

    In an instant. Choices made and roads taken.

    Most of the old timers know about how I got scared off my
    old bike. Posted it right here in this forum and got made
    fun of and supported and blamed and everything in between. I
    was off bikes for 8 years and I let my ride rust to junk.

    This was closer. Much closer.

    I am not going to get scared off my bike this time. I will
    continue to roll on 2 wheels and be as safe as I can. I will
    always follow these rules.

    1. Trust no one, neither brother bike or driver of 4 to 18.

    2. Trust no signal or sign, for the sign or signal is no

    3. Look for the distracted, be they on 2 to 18 or feet or
    even paws and hooves.

    4. Have an out ready NOW. Know what is clear and what is

    5. Ride within the limits of my skill and the capabilities
    of my bike.

    Just 5 rules.
  5. jamientrish

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    It's all HD right now. Had the SE pipes and air filter done along with the download.

    Planniong on sticking with the downloads I guess.
  6. nrs2420

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    When I bought my Sporty back at the end of July, I said I wasn't going to get rid of it. Well now I have a 2010 Wide Glide. Weird how stuff happens. :D

    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    Hey there's nothing wrong with a sporty , unless you're 6'5 and weigh 300 lbs. In this case you'd want one of the bigger bikes , I really like the looks of the nightster and the new 48 both are sharp bikes . I'M sure if you did a lot of long distance travel a rg or sg would be a lot better . I know some will say go all the way and get an ultra but I can't even say I would do that , if I needed a trunk i'd drive my car .

    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    amen to that

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Well it took over 25 years to change to my Sporty...maybe another 25 or so before I want something else...just happy to enjoy the riding experience more...and less of the latest techno junkie stuff being a sportbike enthusiast wringing out his hardware on the gnarliest, technical roads because he could, not that the ride was not enjoyable, just different. Age does that...I guess I am just glad I survived to enjoy my HD Sporty...I understand perfectly!!! LOL
  10. jezbo

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    Love Sportys, great fun, great ride only changed mine because I regularly take a 300 mile round trip to work and would get 'white finger' cause of the vibes. I miss it loads though. Will get another for sure, I like the look of the 48.