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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by colnajoe, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. colnajoe

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    I have an old cheap "bend the bar" torque wrench and I'm looking for a new one. With doing all this preventive stuff to my stead lately, I need something better. If I had to choose between inch lbs and foot lbs, which you you choose and why? I can find all the conversion charts on my iphone, but I just know one is used more than the other. Today while looking at a foot lb wrench, and I want the click type, they only go down to 10 foot lbs, but many of our applications call for less. So wadda ya think?
  2. kemo

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    It is best to have the proper tool for the job. Get both a 1/2" drive ft/lb and a 1/4" drive in/lb torque wrench. You don't need a Mac or a Snapon. Wait for a sale such as Sears and get both.
  3. Dswartz

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    You will need both in inch pounds and foot pounds. Converting from inch to foot is easy but the fact is you cant get high/low enough with one torque wrench to do everything you want to do. There is no such thing as a one size fits all torque wrench. I recommend Craftsman good quality but relatively affordable. I originally bought a Harbor Freight but was really disapointed. Do yourself a favor and spend the money to get some GOOD tools.
  4. turnerbend

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    A torque wrench is only as good as its user. A top of the line wrench will need to be re calibrated if you leave it loaded after use. Just remember that a torque wrench is a delicate instrument.
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Check Sears, all day Sunday Feb 12th All tools will be on sale:s
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    google the torque wrench you need. harbor freight has a inch pound 1/4" drive for about 20.00
  7. TripleJ

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    No one torque wrench will fit all your needs and to cover all our needs about 3 different torque wrenches will fit the bill nicely.

    If you use a "split beam" torque wrench you do not need to set it back to zero after use. The other types of torque wrenches will require setting back to zero to keep the accuracy.

    Here is a source for torque wrenches on the upper end of the scale from a company that makes some of the better wrenches that are resold under different brand names.

    Not cheap but definitely worth while.

    ToolTopia.com - Search
  8. Old Mike

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    If you can buy only one wrench right now I'd live with the "beam" wrench and buy the best in./lb. you can. Before retirement I was a machine repairman and have a few torque wrenches. I like the Snap-On "reader" for in./lb. readings and an S and K "clicker" for ft./lbs. but a good "beam" wrench will work well you if it's not abused. In the best tool for the money category I think Sears is the way to go.
  9. kemo

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    I know some engine builders that will use nothing but a beam type torque wrench
  10. Jack Klarich

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    Most all of these wrenches are the same you would buy from Snap On, but for alot less, there are a couple shown here that I have had for years and spent Way too much money for, having this info out there now is a good thing IMO:s