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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 1st harley, Aug 1, 2012.

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    I was thinking about moving up from a Softail Standard to a Street Glide or a Electra Glide Classic. So I need some input, on ABS and the security system. Is it worth the extra cost. I don't ride the rain. I also been told that 2009 bikes and newer ride better then the 2008 and older." new frame and tire size" is that true.
    Any help in what to look for would be great.
    Thank you.
  2. DakotaRob

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    My current bike has ABS and after taking the advanced rider safety class where I got to practice emergency stops, etc, I'll say I will never go without ABS... I was amazed at how quick it stops the bike. Haven't had to make any quick stops in the rain yet, but I'm sure the ABS will help there too. The security system provides some piece of mind, but it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me if I found a bike I liked without it.

    I noticed a pretty big difference in ride/handling between my old bike (07 Electra Glide Classic) and my 2011. It seems to hold the corners a little better and the rear end feels more stable. My wife says the 2011 rides better too from the passenger view point.

    Since you are moving from a Softail to the touring model, you will probably notice differences regardless of it is 2009+ or the prior model.

    I rode the 07 two seasons. It was my first touring bike, and I loved it. I did not ride an 09 before I got it though since they were outside the price range I had set for my first touring bike. I figured if I liked the larger bike I'd eventually trade up and I did so earlier this year.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I don't Want or like ABS on a motorcycle...
    Old School for me... IF I want to skid or stop a wheel from turning I Stop it.

    Your choice there. May FIT you or not... Lots more to take into consideration as YOU can't work on it (abs) and it needs a QUALIFIED mechanic, and Special Tools, and I don't want the new Kid just out of school, the one that you pay 100$ an hour for.....:small3d002:

    Yes the 09 is WORTH getting over an 07/08 (my feelings)...
    I have an 09 and NO cats in exhaust are a Plus.
    The wider tire and heavier frame a BONUS...

    The gearing has changed for the better on that 6 speed.
    Not sure about the 08 on that issue.

    I would definately get an 09 and i have the KING of bikes.

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    Also, FWIW, this poor economy's impacting a large # of riders & I see huge # of "garage queen" touring bike's for sale on eBay, CraigsList & this forum. Don't know your financial situation, but I'd look for a nice 09+ touring bike "used" vs. new - good deals are out there...JMO. Good luck!
  5. wildman9

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    I got mine with the abs & security, make sure it also has cruise control for those long rides, I chose the classic over the street glide because of the tour pack, spot lights and bag rails.
  6. bc45

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    I like the ABS on my 09 FLHTCU. ABS does not necessarily mean faster stops, But since the wheel wont lock up you can be in full brake mode and still turn without the bike sliding out from under you.
  7. abish33

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    I had a 2008 Classic and moved to a 2011 Ultra. I did not ride the 2011 until I picked it up and I was pleasently suprised. The ride is completely different between the two. The feel on the road is so much better on the 2011 than the 2008 that I was amazed. It almost feels as you are on a much smaller bike. After doing the 30-60-30 break-in I hit the freeway for the ride home and was quite impressed . I really did not want to stop! As for the ABS I have had two instances where I had it kick in and was glad I had it, but that is a personal preference. If you are "on the fence " about the move up stop at your local dealer during their demo days and take one for a ride. I for one like the new frame setup and the wider rear tire just looks bettter IMHO.

    As for the security, kinda nice being able to just walk away from your scoot with the fob knowing that it can't be started by anyone but why didn't the MOCO put on the siren? If you go for the the security don't forget to change your code as a lot of dealers use the same code for evey bike.
  8. 89stroker

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    When I bought my '10 ultra, the dealer was bringing in 3 flhtcu's, 2 with security and abs, the other one with neither. I did not want the abs or the security. I had the security package on my 08 wide glide and I absolutely hated it! Every time I wanted to do anything with it I set the alarm off and had to go in the house and get my fob.....
    When my '10 showed up at the dealer 2 weeks early they called me and said they were proceeding with the installation of my goodies and that I could pick it up the next day. I showed up the next day to pick it up and the sales guy told me that they set up the wrong bike so either they could strip my parts off the one with ABS and security and install on the other bike when it arrived in 2 weeks or I could take (free of charge abs and security) the bike with the ABS and security that I originally did not want, I opted for the free extras. MISTAKE, I hate the security system with a passion!!! The ABS works ok but these extras I would never pay any extra money for! Just my .02
  9. Fatboy rob

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    love the abs on the 10 street glide, bike did not have the alarm,,, found good deal on ebay... and i dont know if its bs or not, but seller did state the alarm runs battery down if not hooked up to trickle charger when not used alot..

    The ride from the 03 fatboy to the street glide is night and day.. as it should be,,, my around town cruiser to the comfort of the open highways.
  10. Mavagrand

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    Can you not just unplug the siren?? Personally, I think you got a good deal with the dealer mistake.