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Looking for some info

My new tank and fenders are on there way and when i got it tore down doing the change i plane on cahnging all my oils and tweaking the carb . but i have a question , i want to know what makes a SE stage 1 or 2 ? is it just the filter ? or is it the air cleaner box as well , i was looking at diff cleaners and there are so many out there , i want to get away from the the stock can and i was looking at a Forcewinder or a big sucker . I like the look of the forcewinder but not sure about the performance of it . i have SE ll slipons on the bike and thats all the x-tras it has . ill have to tweak the carb when i go with a new air setup . just dont know if i should go with the Forcewinder or go with the Big Sucker stage 1 or stage 2 . im taking the info and running spectro in the trany . may add it to all 3, but it will go in the trany i know ..... thanks for the help
thanks for the info guys lol i was looking at the manual and saw 3 dif amounts for the liquid capacites and seeing all you gurus talk about all 3, I didnt read what they was . lol the reserve holds 1.9 liters of fuel not oil huh . lets hope im just sum dumb and not plum dumb lol . wife is right i need to slow down. lmao id been looking for a 3rd drain . cuz you us know men dont use directions till its too late . thanks for the info Hobit and glider