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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by krikket, Nov 12, 2008.

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    I went through the same thing you are. It's very hard to figure out what will work the best for you until you cough up the money and put the seat on your bike and try it out. I battled between Lepera, Corbin, Saddleman and Mustang. I finally decided on a Corbin Gunfighter seat for a couple of reasons.

    1- I wanted a seat that was supportive (not cushy) in the lower back.

    2- I wanted a seat that would not turn my butt numb after 45 minutes of riding (stock Night Train seat is the Badlander)

    3- I didn't want a huge, puffy touring seat. I wanted something that was low profile and maybe accent the lines of the bike.

    And that's exactly what I got. If you are considering a Corbin seat, know this. Their seats are pretty stiff because they distribute your weight around a larger portion of the seat so you don't get those "hot spots" or numb spots. They claim a 2000 mile break-in so the seat can form to you, I found it to be broken in after around 1000 miles. I'm very happy with seat. I hope this helps!!
  2. krikket

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    I got the gunfighter seat and it's pretty deep. If you're looking for a solo seat, I think the classic solo seat would probably look the best on a Fatboy. Plus you can add a pillion later, if you want.
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    I know you wanted a solo seat but the Badlander from Harley is comortable to me. It does have a small pad on the back for a passenger.....If you go out alot on the bike like I do you can always use the passenger pad for those girls who always ask for a ride.
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    I have had Mustang seats on a couple of bikes in the past and have found them very comfortable and well made. I have one that will fit your Fatboy listed on eBay right now. I don't have personal experience with this seat as far as riding time, but it is a very nice seat and I've priced it well below retail. Ebay item 110309867551 Good luck finding a seat, John
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    I have a Corbin Gunfighter and lady seat. It is great. It gives a lot of support in the lower back area without a backrest, although you can add one if you want.

    It is comfortable for my wife also. I do have the Corbin backrest for her. I first had the Harley sissybar and rest, but the angle was wrong for her to be comfortable. The passenger seat kind of forces her to sit upright. Once I got the Corbin backrest, adjusted it to her, she was fine.

    The seat is firm and that took a while to get used to, but I can ride all day and not get a numb or sore butt. It also sits lower or at least seems to.

    I am sure the Gunfighter would be the same if it is a solo seat you are after.

    Good Luck!