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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by gs34, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. gs34

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    I'm going to install the chrome lowers on my forks this winter, along with all the associated tinware.
    More chrome to shine is good, yes? :D
    Now, I'm thinking :eam Maybe I'll drop everything 1 inch, by adding a set of progressive 440's and the shortened progressive springs in the tubes.
    Good or bad idea?....I'm open to suggestions.
  2. glider

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    Lowering is a personal choice. I prefer not to lower because it causes clearance problems and rides harder. Not uncommon to scrape the floorboards considerably more on the twisties.
    I've had lowered bikes and stock bikes and will stay with the stock height on mine.

    It can also effect the handling too.
  3. TQuentin1

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    Glider is right. Both that it is a personal choice, and the consequences of lowering with respect to ride and clearance.

    I am short (5'-6" with 36x30 jeans), so lowering was important to me. I had ridden a Dyna before the UC, so it was a shock going to a bike with a higher center of gravity. I have done everything I can to lower the CofG to produce a more stable ride AND allow me to comfortably and safety handle the bike physically. I do have to be careful now because my bike IS an inch or so lower to the ground front and back. The bike has HD lowering kits for the front AND the back. The back are the shorter air shocks available from MoCo. I also have the REACH seat which has lowered ME and moved me forward.

    SO, it all depends WHY you are considering lowering your bike. As long as you go into it with eyes open, understanding the pros and cons of your options, then you are making an informed decision.

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  4. Tigg

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    I was thinking about lowering my RKC but it's not hard to drag in the twisties now.I can't imagine how it would be if I lowered it :dknow My pipes are safe but the floorboard supports already have all the paint ripped off the bottom.
  5. Bud White

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    I have not used progressive shock on a harley but have used them on other bikes and 4 wheelers and have been looking at a set for my ride as i just dont think the rear shocks have good bound rebound on the stockers
  6. C Clamp

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    I have put progressives on my wife's 883 Hugger. They ride a whole lot better than the stock shocks. I have been considering changing out the stock air shocks on the back of my 04 EGC to progressives. I have done some reading on it here and other forums and still have not decided on the 412-4006 or 412-4011. From my understanding, the 4011's are the heavy duty for 250# plus. I come in around 210, with bags loaded and such I can see where I may be pushing the 4006's. I ride solo most of the time, when I bought the bike the guy was setting it up for his wife, he put a lowering kit on the back, and a reach seat. Bike fits me good at 5'8", I can actually set at a light in the saddle with my knees bent. The problem is that with the lowering kit, and less than 20 psi in the shocks I bottom out on occasion. I had thought about getting the street glide 12" air shocks and trying them with out the lowering kit. I have also thought of trying a different seat. Still undecided. Keep us posted on what you do.
  7. lqdesertrider

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    I have had 440's on my 2004 RG for 4 years and I have really like them. I agree with Gilder there are negatives to lowering your bike.

    I ride with a couple of guys that have lowered them and they both liked them better stock.

    Rider hard or stay home!
  8. hntwrobin

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    I have the lowered progressive shocks on my Roadking and they are fine, a little harsher overall than stock but not awful. If you go on ebay there is a company that will take your shocks and lower them for you so you still have the air feature. They sell them outright or send them yours and they will modify them for you. :s
  9. whatyardwork

    whatyardwork Banned

    Another vote for not lowering here.Other than looks I think every other argument for lowering is bad.I scrape my boards without trying now, I couldnt imagine it any lower.I was on a make a wish run a few weeks back and heard a horrid scrape coming from the RK in front of me as we entered a parking lot which had speed bumps.When we stopped I asked the man what happend?He responded "(edited) lowering kit."
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  10. USMCCWO5

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    Is that is the look you are after
    If your short-legged
    Ride quality may improve if your aftermarket shocks are better than OEM

    Cornering clearance reduced
    Speed bump clearance reduced
    Ride quality may suffer due to shock travel distance reduction or poor quality aftermarket lowering kit
    Shackles may cause problems with clearance of saddlebags or other components (sprocket, brakes, swingarm):newsmile107: