Looking for new tail light...please help!

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Nubwagon, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. Nubwagon

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    Hey all. About a year ago, I bought the Kuryakyn Deluxe Panacea Taillight - Smoke Lens to use on my 06 Sweet Bob. A few months after I put it on, my bro who rides with me noticed the light was fluttering on and off. We pulled over and opened the assembly only to find the wires had broken off the LED board. My guess is that all of the vibration from the bike shook the wires off the board. We had tried everything we could think of to do a field repair on it with no success. I have since resorted to placing the stock red tail light back on my bike.

    Personally, I think the red tail light sticks out like a sore thumb on an otherwise black, silver, and chrome bike. So with riding season approaching, I'm looking into getting another tail light similar in design to the Kuryakyn. Needless to say, I'm not going to buy another Kuryakyn after this travesty. Can anyone give me suggestions as to what LED smoked tail light works and looks very well out there? Here's the picture of the Kuryakyn tail light that now sits useless in my garage somewhere:


    Yes, I know I could just solder the wires back on to the LED board again. But A.) I'm awful at soldering and 2.) who's to say they won't break off again?

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  2. Sharky1948

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    I think I'd talk to Kuryakyn. I don't think that's typical of their quality. I suspect you can get a replacement and be happy with the product.
  3. Fourdogs

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    I agree with Sharley1948...I had a problem with my panacea system...they were extremely helpful..They walked me through a wiring problem ....and replace the Brake light....had it a few months...but the problem was mine actually..and still they help me out at no charge..they are a very concerned and good people there I truely believe...so hey give it a try...Don't know if you don't try...
  4. glider

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    I agree with Sharky too, give them a call, that wire shouldn't break off the board, sounds like a QC problem, possibly a cold solder joint.
  5. bikermonkey

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    I got a friend who has the Kuryakyn, his circuit board broke and his tail light was freaking out with displays of varied colored flashes in random patterns. They would not warranty the product saying electrical items had limited warrenty,,whatever that was.
  6. Nubwagon

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    I would call them to get a replacement. However, I had purchased this tail light over a year ago. I'm sure there's only a 1 year warranty on this item. So basically I would be S.O.L. if I called them asking for help. This is the reason why I'm looking around for another different tail light.

    So any further suggestions or tips where I can get one? Thanks.
  7. Buckwild Biker

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    Have you checked out the stock HD LED tail light? I was thinking about ordering the smoked lens with the chrome housing. It's also available in a black housing.
  8. Nubwagon

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    Thanks guys for the suggestions. I will research these.