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Looking for more light...maybe


I was thinking of adding a little more light in front of me but at the same time I don't want it to look like I'm trying to turn my Dyna into a FL bike. I came across what looks to be a nice option callled motolights. Motolight
I like the caliper mount. Anyone seen, use or otherwise have an opinion on them??
No personal experiance with these lights nor have heard of anyone using them, HOWEVER, anything that will make the cagers see you better is a great idea! I like the way they looked. I say go for it.
I had Motolights on my BMW. I had been on a 3 day trip to Americade with a group of BMW's and could not believe the difference in visibility of the bikes with the Motolights vs. the ones without. I had the caliper mount Motolights installed before the ride home. Loved them.

Had been thinking about the Harley accessory lights that mount on the front "crash bar" for my Road King. However, I met the Motolight people at Daytona last month and am planning to have the caliper mount lights installed on my bike during the October Daytona weekend.

The Motolights mounted on the caliper provide a triangle of light with the headlamp. This is the most visible for others to see you according to my experience.