Looking for idea's on chopping the rear fender

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by sak1782, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. sak1782

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    Hey all,

    New to the site here. My buddy wants to chop the fender shorter on his bike.

    Ive looked through all the pictures in the picture thread, but there aren't too many with chopped rears posted.

    Any ideas for brake light mounts, and turn signal mounts? We plan to cut it about to the factory bracket that runs along the side of the fender.

    Any pics or input would be awesome.

    Thanks all,
  2. Breeze3at

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    What kind of bike does he have? If it's a Buell, disregard all of the following, I know nothing about the fender setup. Most Harley taillights fit into brackets made into the fender, so if you cut above the taillight, you will have to get an aftermarket light that will bolt to the sheet metal. Or, you could go with the swing arm mount lights and tag bracket. There is a wide variety of turn signals on the market.