Looking for First Bike.

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by LutheranBoy, Jun 23, 2010.

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    :guitarI do not have a bike. I am looking for one. Friend told me to look back in the midwest that you could get a cheaper one. Is that true? My bank doesn't give loans for motorcycles could anyone point me in the right direction?
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    In the right direction for ...... --- New/used scoots -bank loans?????? There is a few scoots for sale here on the forum. I've got a 87 FXRC, 1340 evo. w/ 31k+ org miles on her that I'll take $6k - and no less!! Let us know a little more info on your end that way we might be able to "point you in the right direction". And please dont take my comment here as sarcasim -- FAR FROM IT !!!!
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    i know HDtalking probably isn't the best place to recommend this, but don't just look at Harley's, if this is your first bike. there are bettter "first bikes" out there. lighter, more usable power, smoother more predictable acceleration, etc.

    don't get me wrong, i sold my other bike and my ONLY bike is a HD. my NEXT bike'll probably be an HD too, but it's not what i'd recommend for a first bike.
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    I guess I disagree with that, depends on your comfort level. My first bike was an HD and no troubles. I chose to get what I wanted, since I did not want to buy a bike to just turn around and sell it in a year. A few years later now and I am still happily riding my bike that is now fully paid off, with no plans to change anything but some parts.

    As for loans, if you feel you need to do this, you may want to shop around some banks and see what you can get, also could go for a personal loan if that is what you wanted. As pointed out, if you want to go new Harley is offering the nice 1% incentive. Otherwise, your best bet is to go visit some dealerships, HD or whatever, see what you like and then see what they can offer financing wise, since they will probably help you if you credit allows it.
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    that's cool. i'm sure alot of people bought Harleys as a first bike. not saying there's anything, particularly, wrong with it. i've been riding since the 3rd grade. that's actually how kids got to school, in my village, as there were no bus's. i was just suggesting he keep an open mind towards ALL brands because, out of all the bikes i've ridden (which is a few), i can think one that JUMPS out as being the most noob friendly and it isn't my favorite honestly, nor the one i currently ride.

    i recently witnessed, first hand, how "new" someone can be. so, when i hear "first bike" i just always try and think which one will be the most forgiving and user friendly.

    now, there is a TON of truth in what you said about outgrowing a bike. which i feel is almost inevitable, unless you start with too much bike. the bike i recommend to all new riders is one that they will probably want to sell within 1.5 yr
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    get a good used softail custom or a 1200 sporty, there both lighter than the touring big bikes and you will learn quickly how to ride once the wheels get to turning! its so much fun!
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    I totally agree buy the bike you want. My wife wanted to start riding, I got a Suzuki Marauder 800 cheap for her, it was light and easy to ride. She didn't ride it she wanted a Harley. I got her a 883 and she hasn't stopped riding it. I sold the Suzuki to a friend of mine for his wife and she hardly rides it either because she wanted a Harley also. So buy what you want and take a rider safety course since it is your first bike.

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    Hobbit has the right idea, you buy what your gut tells you, the Sportster hit the right buttons for me, but then I started the traditonal long drawn out, 20-30 bikes later to what...the Sporty that I know and like riding EVERY DAY! The deal is, like TRD in previous post said, you could buy something that you feel tentative and not ride often or get something that you WILL ride all the time.
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    I agree with others on here, get what you want and take a rider safety course. I was able to get me local dealer to let my wife take the riders edge course free on a handshake that when she buys a bike, we will buy from them. So try that approach and see if you can get it thrown in with a bike. Depending on your tastes I think the 1200 low is a great first bike, and the deals and financing on them right now are good deals.