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Looking for custom ideas


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Hey all, new to the forum - Have had my 07 street bobo for a little over a month - got almost 3500 miles on her - love it - Also have a 76 shovel, so this is a total change for me - Im looking for mod/custom ideas - doesnt seem to be much out there for dynas in general - havent decided on pipes yet, though im leaning toward the bassani 2-1 pro shorty - thinkin of going with a roughneck style (tall risers, dirt track bars, 2-1 pipe, etc) but havent committed anything yet - Just raised my tank 2 inches this weekend, and bailed my Cali emssions crap

other than that, need ideas on a smaller seat, etc

alright - seriously, nobody has any suggestions on a custom solo saddle for a dyna - ive seen maybe two pics of guys with a decent looking seat - why is that? the stock one is ok, but kinda too bulky - and with all the rubber mounted **** id kinda like a little road feel back

any help or direction would be HUGELY appreciated