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    Good afternoon to all, or whatever time it is that you are reading this. I have a buddy who is looking to buy a harley, thing is, he doesn't have alot to spend. He would like to have a sporty looking bike, but the weight of his girl and himself are around 400lbs. what should he be looking for? he has only a little over 11,000. Thanks
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    I am in the same boat and eveyrone has recommended something from the Dyna Models. I am looking for a super glide which if looks on craigslist he might find a good deal.
  3. 01dynaglide

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    i have a super glide and love it. i'm 230lbs and my wife would kill me for this but she is around 130 so it would work good for your buddy.
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    Be careful - how much time in the saddle do they both have? If she really likes sitting in back she'll be begging him to get a touring model for any longer trips. Not sure if any of those fit his "sporty looking" criteria though. Street Glides are sporty looking touring models but they've only been out a couple years and I don't know if you can get a decent one for that price.

    Back to what everyone always recommends in these type threads - rent one of each model you're thinking about and really spend some time with it, both of them in this case. Much cheaper to do your homework and make one purchase than rush into buying what you think is the perfect bike and then trading it in a year later. Don't ask me why I would know such a thing!!
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    Take a look over Craigs list for your area, usually can find some decent bikes there.

    tulsa motorcycles/scooters classifieds - craigslist
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    I agree that you should be able to find a nice, late model, low milage Dyna Super Glide or Street Bob for 11,000
    the Dynas are really all around nice bikes; fun to ride , reasonably comfortable, and good handling.
    You might be able to find a older and/or higher milage Touring or Heritage for 11k.
    Take your time and ride a few different bikes if you can.
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    I go 160 & the wife is 105 and that seems like a lot on a Dyna. Put him on a few years back Road King. Have him wait another month or so and come to the northeast. Lots of good buys then.